Sunday, November 18, 2007

Round 1

Myrcia fosteri
Mordred (comics)


-P said...

I'll give it a go, but I bet there's a shorter way:

Bam! Only... 9 degrees! :)


brainie said...
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brainie said...

I got 7:

Myrcia fosteri
United States
American comic book
Marvel Comics
List of Marvel Comics characters
Mordred (comics)


Brett said...
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Brett said...
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Brett said...

6! Snikkety snikkety.


Adam said...

It's a bit contrived. I don't know if this breaks the rules or not. (New to the game) But here's five:

And working backwards from Mordred:

And Panama links to "United States"

so that's like 2 degrees of separation that meet up with 3 other degrees of separation.

Mike Machenry said...

Sorry, Adam, we've decided that, while you can go in any direction, you cannot make a path that meets in the middle like that but doesn't link up in one direction. We're going to try to be more clear about this in the directions soon.

Paav said...

Haha can't believe I actually finished this... was kind of fun though, not TOO time-consuming.

So almost the same as brainie, who did in fact get 6.

How did brett get from Myrcia fosteri to Vulnerable species anyway? And that would be 5 degrees of separation, not 6.


Brett said...

paav, the link text is just "vulnerable", but the link actually goes to "vulnerable species".

I also agree that the degrees of separation should be counted as the number of hops, not the number of articles including the first and last. This gives Brian and paav's answers a score of 6, and mine a score of 5.

paav said...

Ah, now I see the "vulnerable" link. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Not so good but new :)

John Angliss said...

8 - a poor show!